International Guests


Date Name Affiliation
8 August–3 January Stephen A Reed University of Jamestown
26–30 June Joseph Scales Independent scholar/University of Birmingham


Date Name Affiliation
12–14 March Eibert Tigchelaar KU Leuven
7–15 March Stephen A Reed University of Jamestown
20–24 February Hilda Deborah NTNU


Date Name Affiliation
1 August – 30 November Nina Burleigh Newsweek
1 August – 30 September Anastasia Vatousiadi International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki
15–21 March Morag Kersel DePaul University
24 February – 2 March Michael Press Freelance writer & editor
6–9 January Rick Bonnie University of Helsinki


Date Name Affiliation
21–28 October Brent Nongbri MacQuaire University
6–12 August Lillian Larsen University of Redlands

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