Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls-like Fragments Online: A (Really Exhausting) Guide for the Perplexed

By Årstein Justnes and Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg

[Still under construction; updated 30 October]

Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment Will Be Publicly Displayed Outside A Museum for the First Time Ever.” PR Newswire, 26 June.
→ Isa 26:19–27:1 (no DSS F.number)

Davila, Jim. “Now Here’s Something Different.”, 26 June.
→ Isa 26:19–27:1 (no DSS F.number)

Davila, Jim. “A Qumran Biblical Fragment.”, 5 Mars.
→ Ps 11:1–3 (no DSS F.number)

Davila, Jim. “MORE SCANDAL BREWING for the From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Forbidden Book exhibition in Akron Ohio.”, 17 April.

Rodgers, Ann. “Dead Sea Scrolls ‘fragments’ on exhibit.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 23 May.
→ Isa 26:19–27:1 (no DSS F.number)


Davila, Jim. “More 1 Enoch from the Qumran Library!, 15 October.
→ 1 En. 8:4–9:3 (DSS F.125)

Davila, Jim. “News on the New 1 Enoch Fragment.”, 22 Novmember.
→ 1 En. 8:4–9:3 (DSS F.125)

Davila, Jim. “Who Sold Them and How Did They Get Them?, 17 March.
tells the (fragmented) story of how Lee Biondi bought his first “Dead Sea Scrolls” fragments.

Adams, Lee. “The Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible in America.” The Outer Banks Sentinel, 26 March.
“There are 11 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls on display, including apiece less than one square inch that has text from the book of Psalms.”

Lampe, Joel. “Bible Archaeology: The Dead Sea Scrolls.” YouTube (posted 12 November, 2013).
Ps 11:1–4 (DSS F.199)
Exod 17:4–7 (DSS F.192), see also 3:12–4:00
Instruction (DSS F. 202)

Charlesworth, James H. “An Unknown Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment of Deuteronomy.” Foundation on Judaism and Christian Origins, 20(?) July 2008.
→ Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)

Charlesworth, James H. “Announcing a Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment of Nehemiah.” Foundation on Judaism and Christian Origins, 20(?) July 2008.
→ Neh 3:14–15 (DSS F.122)

Davila, Jim. “Two Ancient Biblical Scroll Fragments.”, 20 July.
→ Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)
→ Neh 3:14–15 (DSS F.122)

Davila, Jim. “FURTHER THOUGHTS on the new Deuteronomy (?) fragment with a Samaritan reading in it.”, 23 July.
→ Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)

Legacy Ministries International. “LMI Acquires Dead Sea Scroll Fragment.” Newletter, 15 September(?).
→ Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)

Davila, Jim. “DEAD SEA SCROLLS FRAGMENTS FOR SALE (by Michael R. Thompson, Booksellers, at their display at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair later this month), 2 February.
→ Dan 5:13–16 (DSS F.155)
→ Exod 18:6–8 (DSS F.151)

Hartlaub,Peter. “Lots of stories at S.F. antiquarian book fair.”, 15 February.
→ “three postage stamp-size pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls […] they’re shaped like the state of Missouri, a rooster and a Chicken McNugget” [→ Dan 5:13–16 (DSS F.155)?; Exod 18:6–8 (DSS F.151)?; Lev 10:4–7 (DSS F.152)?]

Davila, Jim “MORE ON THE DEAD SEA SCROLL FRAGMENTS for sale in at a antiquarian book fair in San Francisco (San Francisco Chronicle), 15 February.

Azusa Pacific University. “Azusa Pacific University Acquires Five Dead Sea Scroll Fragments and Rare Biblical Artifacts.”, 3 September.
→ Exod 18:6–8 (DSS F.151)
→ Lev 10:4–7 (DSS F.152)
→ Deut 8:2–5 (DSS F.153)
→ Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)
→ Dan 5:13–16 (DSS F.155)

Cargill, Robert. “on the acquisition of dead sea scrolls fragments by azusa pacific university.”, 9 September.
→ About the Azusa frgs and specifically Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)

Helfand, Duke. “Southern California universities acquire rare religious texts.” Los Angeles Times, 14 September.
→ About the Azusa frgs and specifically Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)

Davila, Jim. “THE DEAD SEA SCROLL FRAGMENTS acquired by Azusa Pacific University get coverage in the Los Angeles, 2 October.

Davila, Jim. “SOME BACKGROUND to the acquisition of Dead Sea Scrolls fragments by Azusa Pacific, 2 October.
→ Extensive quotes from Joy Juedes, “Yucaipan brings scrolls to Azusa Pacific,” RedlansDaylyFacts, 1 October.

Cargill, Robert. “southwestern baptist theological seminary acquires dead sea scrolls fragments.”, 20 January.
→ Exod 23:8–10 (DSS F.161)
→ Lev 20:24, 18:28–30 (DSS F.162)
→ Dan 6:22–24 (DSS F.166)
→ Dan 7:18–19 (DSS F.167)

Charlesworth, James H. “What is a Variant? Announcing a Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment of Deuteronomy.” Updated March 2010, cf. Charlesworth 2009.
→ Deut 27:4–6 (DSS F.154)

Charlesworth, James H. “Jeremiah 48:29-31a [Provisional Research Report].” May.
DSS F.156

Elgvin, Torleif. “Dead Sea Scrolls: Introduction.” The Schøyen Collection, 29 September.
→ Introduction to the “Dead Sea Scrolls” of the Schøyen Collection.

“Origin, The Museum.” YouTube, 19 November:
→ Promotion video for an exhibition about evolution and the Dead Sea Scrolls(!). Interview with curator Joel Lampe + a short glimpse of 5–7 frgs – among them a “new” fragment of 4Q418 labelled W16.

Fields, Weston. “Dead Sea Scrolls: Significance of the Latest Developments.” YouTube, 16 April:

Book of Nehemiah Found Among the Scrolls.” Bible History Daily, 15 May.
→ Neh 3:14–15 (DSS F.122)

Book of Nehemiah Found Among the Dead Sea Scrolls.” Popular Archaeology 6 (March), 22 May.
→ About post-2002 frgs in the Schøyen Collection, based on a blogpost (now deleted) by prof. Torleif Elgvin.
→ Neh 3:14–15 (DSS F.122)

“The Good Life Bruce McCoy – See The Scrolls 6-4-12.” The Good Life CTN flagship show, 6 June.
→ About the exhibition “Dead Sea Scrolls & The Bible: Ancient Artifacts, Timeless Treasures” (2 July, 2012 – 13 January, 2013):

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible. SouthwesternNews 70/3.

Colter, Sharaya. “Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible history brought to life in seminary exhibit.” Baptist Press, 27 June.

Zaimov, Stoyan. “Largest Privately Owned Dead Sea Scroll Fragment to Be Unveiled at Texas Seminary.” Christian Post, 29 June.
→ Genesis 33 [Gen 33:19–34:2?] (no DSS F.-number)
→ Gen 37:26–38 (no DSS F.-number)
→ 1 Kings 13:22–22 [sic! 1 Kings 13:20–22] (DSS F.170)
→ Isaiah 28:23–29 (no DSS F.-number)
→ Amos 7:17–8:1 (DSS F.181)
→ Joel 3:9–10 (no DSS F.-number)
→ “passages from Nehemiah, Ezekiel, and Jonah” [Neh 2:13–16 (DSS F.201);  Ezek 28:22 (DSS F.196); Jona 4:2–5 (DSS F.197)]

Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation. “How can you take part in the publication of the scrolls?, March.
→ The Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation introduces a new Brill series devoted to publishing 80 new fragments.

Estrin, Daniel. “Dead Sea Scroll fragments to hit the auction block.” Times of Israel, 25 May.
→ About William Kando’s frgs, the Schøyen Collection, Azusa Pacific University, Soutwestern Baptist Theological Seminar, the Green Collection, and Hanan Eshel’s Leviticus frgs.

Little Bits of the Dead Sea Scrolls Put Up for Sale.” The Associated Press, 25 May.

Barnhart, Melissa. “Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Up for Sale; Will Another Private Citizen Be Owner?CP world, 31 May.
→ Gen 37:26–38 (no DSS F.-number)

Langlois, Michael. “Un manuscrit araméen inédit du livre d’Hénoch et les versions anciennes de 1 Hénoch 7,4.” Semitica 55: 101–16.
1En. 7:1–5 (DSS F.124)

Estrin, Daniel. “American evangelical collectors buy up Dead Sea Scroll fragments.” PRI, 7 August:
→ With comments from William Kando, Lee Biondi, Jerry Pattengale, and Eibert Tigchelaar.

Lanier Theological Library. “Original Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment on Display.” 25 October.
→ Amos 7:17–8:1 (DSS F.181)

Tov, Emanuel. “New Fragments of Amos.” DSD 21 (2014): 3–13.
→ Amos 7:17–8:1 (DSS F.181)

Latzko, Laura. “Goodyear museum preserves rare Bibles.” azcentral., 11 August.

Azusa Pacific University Dead Sea Scrolls Collection.” Azusa Pacific University Digital Collections.
→ Images of APU’s five frgs
→ “In 2009 Azusa Pacific University acquired five Dead Sea Scroll fragments which include: 1) Portions of Leviticus 10:4-7 [DSS F.152], 2) Portions of Deuteronomy 8:2-5 [DSS F.153], 3) Portions of Deuteronomy 27:4-6 [DSS F.154], 4) Portions of Daniel 5:13-16 [DSS F.155], and 5) an Unidentified Fragment [DSS F.151].”

The American Judeo-Christian Heritage Foundation. 4 March.
→ mission: “To purchase, translate, display and promote the last remaining Dead Sea Scrolls (DDS) and other early Christian manuscripts” [dealer: William Kando, asking price: +$300,000,000].
→ changes at some point the name to “The Artifact Research & Translation Foundation” (before 4 Oct).

Justnes, Årstein. “A List of 70 Unprovenanced, Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls-like Fragments.”, 11 August.

Justnes, Årstein. “Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls-like Fragments: Number of Lines and Measurements [preliminary list].”, 12 August.

Davis, Kipp. “Gleanings from the Cave of Wonders? Patterns of Correspondence in the Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments.” Academia, 20 September.

Jarus, Owen. “Are These New Dead Sea Scrolls the Real Thing?Live Science, 10 October.

Hindman, Sandra. “The Dead Sea Scrolls: Unpublished and previously unknown fragments will be on exhibit in ‘2000 Years of Jewish Culture’.” Textmanuscripts: Les Eluminures, 3 November.
→ “the so-called ‘W’ fragments”

Justnes, Årstein and Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg. “The Post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments: A Tentative Timeline of Acquisitions.”, 20 December.

Justnes, Årstein. «Forfalskninger av dødehavsruller: Om mer enn 70 nye fragmenter – og historien om ett av dem (DSS F.154; 5 Mos 27,4–6) [Faking the Dead Sea Scrolls: On More than 70 New Fragments – and the Story about One of Them (DSS F.154; Deut 27:4-6)]». Teologisk Tidsskrift 6, no. 1 (2017): 70–83.

Jarus, Owen. “70 years after Dead Sea Scrolls were found, new discoveries await.” News, 8 February.

Jarus, Owen. “28 Dead Sea Scroll fragments sold in the U.S.” News, 3 April.

Johnson, Michael B. “A Case Study in Professional Ethics Concerning Secondary Publications of Unprovenanced Artefacts: The New Edition DSS F.Instruction1.” Distant Worlds Journal 2 (2017): 28–42.
→ Instruction (=4Q418 ii 4–5; DSS F.202).

Elgvin, Torleif. “Use of new technologies in research and publication of Dead Sea Scrolls.” Les manuscrits de la mer Morte, 70 ans après – Bilan des recherches, 26 April:
→ From 54:49 [last 5–6 minutes]: a review of suspicious features in Schøyen frgs Jer 3:15–19 (DSS F.116), Neh 3:14–15 (DSS F.122), Tob 14:3–4 (DSS F.123), 1 En. 8:4–9:3 (DSS F.125), and 1 En. 106:19–107:1 (DSS F.126).

Publication of Azusa Pacific University’s Dead Sea Scrolls to Enhance Biblical Scholarship.” News Release published on, 17 May.
→ bbout the formal publication of the APU “Dead Sea Scrolls” frgs to “appear as a volume in the prestigious Princeton Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project series in 2017”.

Davis, Kipp, Ira Rabin, Ines Feldman, Myriam Krutzsch, Hasia Rimon, Årstein Justnes, Torleif Elgvin, and Michael Langlois. “Nine Dubious ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ Fragments from the Twenty-First Century.” DSD 24/2: 1­–40.
→ deals with nine fragments from the Schøyen Collection:  DSS F.103 (Exod 3:13–15), DSS F.104 (Exod 5:9–14), DSS F.105 (Exod 16:10), DSS F.112 (1 Sam 2:11–14), DSS F.122 (Neh 3:14–15), DSS F.123  (Tob 14:3–4), DSS F.124 (1 En. 7:1–5), DSS F.125 (1 En. 8:4–9:3), and DSS F.126 (1 En. 106:19–107: 1).

Davis, Kipp. “Scaffolding Non-Overlapping Magisteria: Philology, Science and Journalism in the Study and Publication of Non-Provenanced Judaean Desert Manuscripts?” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:

Langlois, Michael. “Assessing the Authenticity of DSS Fragments Through Palaeographical Analysis.” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:

Elgvin,Torleif. “Copying Modern Text Editions in the Post-2002 Scrolls Fragments.” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:

Rabin, Ira. “The Contribution of Material Analysis to the Identification of Forged Writing Materials.” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:

Crawford, Sidnie White. “Looking for Forgeries in the Southwestern Baptist Fragments.” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:

Justnes, Årstein. “The Post-2002 and the Post-2009 Dead Sea Scrolls-like Fragments: A Timeline.” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:

Perrin, Andrew. “Ignoring, Engaging, or Incorporating Non-Provenanced Aramaic Fragments in Secondary Source Publications and Research Projects.” ISBL Berlin, 8 August:
→ Dan 10:18–20 (DSS F.200)

Justnes, Årstein. “The Post-2002 DSS-like Fragments: A Price List.”, 17 August.

Fonn, Geir Ove. «Dødehavsruller er lukrativ svindelindustri». Vårt Land, 22 August. [Norwegian]

Haabeth, Nina. «Norsk-ledet forskerteam har avslørt falske Dødehavsruller». NTB/Dagen, 1 September. [Norwegian]

Borschel-Dan, Amanda. “Dead Sea Scrolls scam: Dozens of recently sold fragments are fakes, experts warn.” The Times of Israel, 3 October.

Langlois, Michael. “Nine Dubious ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ Fragments from the Twenty-First Century.” Michael Langlois, 8 October.

Wad, Lizzie. “Can the Museum of the Bible overcome the sins of the past?” Science, 16 October.
→ with comments from Kipp Davis, Emanuel Tov, and David Trobisch:
→ Tov still thinks the MOTB frgs are authentic: “I have not seen any solid analysis or arguments with regard to any particular document in the Museum of the Bible collection.”

Macdonalds, Alex. “The Dirt on the Dubious Dead Sea Scrolls: curiosities to consider as more information emerges.” Medium, 17 October.


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