Brown-Bag Seminars, Spring 2019

Every week The Lying Pen of Scribes arranges Brown-bag seminaries. These take place at the University of Agder, Campus Kristiansand, from 11:30am to 12:15pm. See more information in the table below.

Date Room Program
January 8 A7 002 Rick Bonnie, University of Helsinki, “Finland in the Global Antiquities Trade: Problems and Prospects.”
NB! The seminar ends at 1:00 pm.
January 23 A7 002 SBL International Meeting: getting the abstracts ready session
January 30 A7 001 Årstein Justnes, “New Projects”
February 13 A7 001 Årstein Justnes, “Update”
February 20 A7 001 Josephine Munch Rasmussen, “Regulating the import and export of cultural objects in Norway”
February 27 A7 002 Michael Press, “How Archaeology Is Conducted in the West Bank”
NB! The seminar ends at 1:00 pm.
March 13 A7 001 Josephine Munch Rasmussen & Årstein Justnes: Update Kersel-visit and RCN application
March 20 A7 001 Morag Kersel, DePaul University, “The pathways of pots: The movement of Early Bronze Age vessels from the Dead Sea Plain, Jordan”.
NB! The seminar ends at 1:00 pm.

Abstract: In order to go from the mound to the market to the mantelpiece or museum, Early Bronze Age (3600–2000 BCE) pots move: movement that can be positive or negative. While the ideal path of a pot may have been to remain as a grave good buried with ancient ancestors, an examination of ceramic vessels from sites along the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan has resulted in the recognition that these vessels have extensive itineraries. National and international legislative bodies, law, and policy facilitate, inhibit, and/or encourage the movement of these objects. Passing through many hands, crossing national and international borders, for eventual sale to individuals and institutions, the pathway of pots forms a three-part commodity chain where artifacts are transformed from illegal to legal. Situated in the debates over artifact agency, the social lives of things, and object itineraries, this talk is an examination of the pathways of pots.

March 27 A7 002
April 3 A7 001
April 10 D3 007
April 17 A7 001
April 24 A7 001 Barbara Holler, TBA
May 8 A7 001
May 15 A7 001 Adelheid Volkstuhl, University of Pennsylvania, TBA
NB! The seminar ends at 1:00 pm.
May 22 A7 001
May 29 A7 001
June 12 A7 001
June 19 A7 001


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